Las Vegas investigation into Guns N’ Roses police helicopter tour concluded –

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — The investigation into the activities of a Las Vegas police fly along in August has concluded.

The LVMPD Air Support fly along occurred on Aug. 7.

DJ Ashba, lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, and his girlfriend received a private tour over Las Vegas and then landed in a field at police headquarters. Ashba said that’s where he had a table set up with a bottle of the “bubble stuff” and roses, and popped the question.

Ashba posted a photo on Instagram of the tour and gave a shout out to LVMPD on Twitter.

Two department employees, a captain and a police officer who is a pilot, were found to have violated department policy.

Captain David O’Leary, who had been employed with Metro since February 1989, retired on Dec. 20. He was last assigned as the captain who oversaw the Financial Crimes Bureau.

Officer Ray Horsley has been employed with Metro since February 1994 and is currently assigned to the Air Support Detail.

As a result of the investigation, Captain O’Leary was in the process of being demoted to the rank of lieutenant but retired before the discipline went into effect.

Officer Horsley, effective Jan. 11, will be transferred out of the Air Support Detail and will no longer be allowed to fly for Metro.

A fly-along and a patrol ride-along are typically done for the purpose of exposing members of the community to the duties of law enforcement. A fly-along would begin and terminate at Air Support and would not include any off-site landings as occurred in this case.

Civilians not employed by Metro who were directly involved with this case all declined to be interviewed as part of the investigation.

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