1986-10-05 Stone, San Francisco, CA

STED: Stone, San Francisco, CA

INFO: Bandet lejede en vogn og kørte afsted til San Francisco for at åbne et show for Jetboy på spillestedet The Stone.

Billy Rowe (Jetboy): In what I’m sure was a well-meant gesture, Jetboy’s lead singer announced my address over the PA system during this show. Perhaps he thought my plan to limit the after-show party to the several hundred people I actually knew was not a good one. In any event, Axl Rose showed up, dressed in a pair of fetching black leather chaps. Just black leather chaps. He stumbled into my bedroom (it was a two-room apartment, so the odds were 50/50), and passed out on a pile of records – records I had not especially planned to throw onto a bonfire. I never understood why people liked GnR.



Axl%2C The Stone%2C San Francisco 1985 jetboy_n___guns_n_roses_1986_by_milt098279-d4dyvjn


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