1986-12-21 Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA

STED: Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA

INFO: Bandet åbner for Cheap Trick på Fender’s Ballroom. ‘Perfect Crime‘ spilles for anden (?) gang. Axl fortæller at tirsdag aften på the Cathouse holder de gratis åben fest fra kl. 21-03 med akustisk musik fra JetboyL.A. Guns og dem selv.

Duff: Talking about meeting and opening for Johnny Thunders at Fender’s Ballroom in 1986: …Unfortunately, one of the first things that happened when we got down to Fender’s for the show was that Johnny started to chat up Axl’s girlfriend Erin while we were onstage doing sound check. Johnny were also where he could score come dope. Axl flipped out when he got wind that Johnny had hit on Erin, and began a tirade back-stage. Axl could be intimidating when he started yelling and carrying on. Johnny spent the rest of the night hiding in his dressing room, jonesing for a fix. Whatever remnants of a romantic and swashbuckling image I had of Johnny Thunders disappeared that night [Duff’s biografi, “It’s So Easy”, 2011, s58]

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ja/Nej (?) (Marc Canter)


Intro – Scarface Theme
01. Wreckless
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Move To The City
04. Welcome To The Jungle
05. Don’t Cry
06. Nice Boys
07. It’s So Easy
08. Perfect Crime
09. Shadow of Your Love
10. Mama Kin



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