1987-09-13 Bronco Bowl Auditorium, Dallas, TX

STEDBronco Bowl Auditorium, Dallas, TX

INFO: Ikke ret meget vides om showet andet end hvad denne fan (David Huff) fortalte, som du kan læse nedenunder:

“For instance, when Guns N’Roses opened for The Cult six weeks after releasing their debut album in late July 1987, I was at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas to do an interview. The band was not a traveling circus at this point, and Axl was very much the business man the entire group took its cue from. I unknowingly interviewed Izzy on acid, only to have Axl and Slash apologize for the incident and speak to me on record for 45 minutes about the group. Ten weeks later, I was at the Fair Park Coliseum when Guns unexpectedly replaced Faster Pussycat to open for Alice Cooper. Hell, I even helped escort these guys to the legendary On the Rocks nightclub in Deep Ellum. There they jumped on stage and played five songs from Appetite for Destruction. And then there was January 1988 where I walked up and down Sunset Strip with Axl Rose in Los Angeles. There he openly discussed the past, present and future of the band while warning me not to drink an open beer because the police would arrest me.”


SANGE: Ukendt

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