1987-10-06 Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England

STED: Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England

INFO: Tredje show spilles i Manchester Apollo, hvor Axl takker Kerrang! og andre britiske magasiner for den positive omtale. Han nævner at de har ændret en del af ‘Rocket Queen’ ved soundcheck før showet. GnR’s publicist Bryn Bridenthal Housman blev overfaldet med øl og is af Bret Michaels og Bobby Dall (Poison) ved Mötley Crüe og Whitesnakes show i Forum, Inglewood, CA. Måneden efter sagsøger hun dem for 1,1 mio i erstatning.  Michaels og  Dall  afviste det hele som en joke. Læs artiklen her.

Axl: ”We did a show in Manchester. The people just stood there, they all stood up the whole time, right. And some of them were singing the songs and stuff but not so much as other places and we’re having so much problem with feedback on stage I didn’t know the people in the crowd weren’t hearing it through the […] monitor system. And so, we came back and did one song encore and left. We went up to our room, didn’t think they liked it. Right? Then about fifteen minutes later they started screaming, we didn’t know because we were like three stories up and in this room with securities keeping everybody away from us. The reviews have been “the world’s greatest band”. We thought they hated us but they were mesmerized” [Interview med Axl Rose, December 1987]



01. It’s So Easy
02. Move To The City
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. My Michelle
06. Rocket Queen
07. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
08. Welcome To The Jungle
09. Sweet Child O’ Mine
10. Paradise City
11. Mama Kin



Ikke den bedste optagelse her, optaget et godt stykke fra scenen, men man kan stadig høre bandet

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