1987-10-22 Obsessions, Randolph, NJ

STED: Obsessions, Randolph, NJ

INFOGnR spiller (muligvis) på en klub ved navn Obsessions i Randolph, NJ. Læs mere her.

“Obsessions – Located in the middle of nowhere and on the corner of Where the hell am I Street? (or cornfield, as the case may be), Obsessions may actually be worth the trek for the suspiciously decent bands in this odd and oversized dive. Up-and-coming punk rock, pop-punk, electronic and other assorted acts have graced the stage low-key stylee in the past.The club, with its recently switched-up management, has come under the mighty hand Excess dB Entertainment. The company promises more shows a la the late Klub Krome in the future.”




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