“This tour was great. As long as I have been… – The Dead Daisies

“This tour was great. As long as I have been touring the world, I have never played the legendary pub scene in Australia. It was everything and more than I expected. I can see where it would have been very unpleasant to do it with a lesser band! Fantastic audiences and some great venues.

Writing with this band comes so quickly and organically. Nobody is too precious with the songs and everything just flows very naturally. Recording has been a blast and I can’t wait to do more. We work so quickly together.

I’m flying to LA now to do a week of Gn’R rehearsals and then we head to South America for a month. Then I’ll be off for a couple of weeks before heading to do a residency for a month at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Hopefully after that, I will be focusing primarily on the Dead Daisies.

Thanks to all the fans here in Australia for their support. It’s really exciting to be a part of such a great group and to be winning over fans with every gig. It’s awesome to watch how quickly this band is catching on!” – Richard Fortus

via  “This tour was great. As long as I have been… – The Dead Daisies.

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