1987-11-26 Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL

STEDJacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL


Nikki: Played a show in Jacksonville last night, got in about 3 a.m. I met a friend of my old dealer Jason’s last night with a gram of Mexican tar but no rigs. I had to order aluminum foil from room service when we got in. Man, my mouth was watering. I smoked a bit and hit the sack…woke up today watering. I smoked a bit and hit the sack…woke up today feeling sick. I know it’s not that. Had Slash, Steven and Duff fly on our jet last night. Izzy wouldn’t come ’cause I threw his girlfriend against a wall. Hey, Izzy, I fucked her first so fuck off.
Axl never comes. He’s a twat.

Doug Thaler: “I joined the tour in Jacksonville and Nikki was pretty fucked up on Jack Daniel’s. He showed me some gummy black substance he had that he claimed was some kind of exotic cocaine that he was going to snort. I thought, Good luck snorting a gummy substance! Then the next morning he said he had lost that weird shit, and he asked me what had happened to it. I told him I had absolutely no idea.”

Tommy Lee: “We hung out with Slash every day on tour but Axl was a lot more reserved. There were times he would be really cool, but then at other times he just had that fucking singer thing that they all get–LSD: Lead Singer Disease.” [Nikki’s bog]




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