1988-01-10 The Whisky, Los Angeles, CA

STED: The Whisky, Los Angeles, CA

INFO: Rock City News Velgørenhedskoncert for Rubin Blue. Dette var et uplanlagt show, hvor bandet dukkede op for at støtte og bekæmpe en unfair stævning mod Ruben fra Rock City News, Hollywood magasinet der hjalp en masse folk dengang. Adler kunne stadig ikke spille, så de fik hjælp af Howard Teman (Head On), da de åbnede deres sæt med “Used To Love Her“.






Howard Teman kom senere til at medvirke på bandets EP “GNR Lies” og “Use Your Illusion“, da han jammede meget med bandet under arbejdet på sangene.

Tony Padilla: ”This was a surprise appearance after their first year of touring the Appetite album, which had three huge hit singles when they played this 1/10/88 gig. They showed up to help fight a lame lawsuit against Ruben at Rock City News, the Hollywood rock mag that helped a lot of people then. (I was a contributing writer with the byline of Phantom.) Adler hand was broken and he couldn’t play (or so I heard.) Also on the bill was Faster Pussycat, Cathouse, The Zeros, D’Molls and Funhouse. Vince Neil came out to sing FP’s encore. He was a pretty successful guy at this point and it showed when he stood beside this newer batch of L.A. rockers. This was a little bigger than the average show, but it’s still a good representation of how this part of the scene looked, sounded and felt on any given night. (Tom Cruise wasn’t a rocker and he was never seen at any rock shows.) MC Riki Rachtman wasn’t a TV VJ yet, he was owner of The Cathouse, where FP was the ongoing house band (and singer Taime Downe was Riki’s co-partner). The Cathouse is where throngs of stripper gals went to dance to hard rock songs on Thursday nights and rocker guys showed to score. These dudes would never be seen with their long hair in a mainstream pop dance club playing Michael Jackson–but at the Cathouse, some would even dance!”

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