1988-01-31 The Limelight, New York, NY

STED: The Limelight, New York, NY

INFO: Første headlinerturne i USA begynder. Sjældent akustisk show. Den eneste kendte optræden med ‘Cornshucker,’ der var skrevet af Duff & sunget af Duff & Axl ved dette show. ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘ starter det elektriske sæt. Axl synger få linier af ‘Not Fade Away‘ af The Rolling Stones i begyndelsen af ‘Mr. Brownstone.Axl forlader kortvarigt scenen efter den and optræden med ‘Patience,’ der var et improviseret jam. Han var sur fordi GnR ikke skulle have spillet dette show. Bandet jammer så på nogle sange. Efter ‘Patience,’ synges dele af ‘Whole Lotta Rosie‘ & ‘Born To Be Wild‘ af Axl. Roadien Ronnie Schneider synger ‘You Shook Me‘ & ‘Rock And Roll,’ begge Led Zeppelin numre. ‘Rock And Roll‘ byder på ‘Living Loving Maid‘ intro. Igen vender Axl tilbage under den sang’ for at hjælpe med på den sidste sang.



01. One In A Million
02. Patience #1
03. Cornshucker
04. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
05. Used To Love Her
06. Don’t Cry
07. Welcome To The Jungle
08. It’s So Easy
09. Not Fade Away / Mr. Brownstone
10. Patience #2
Instrumental Jam
Rocket Queen [Instrumental]
11. You Shook Me
12. Rock And Roll
Instrumental Jam



Slash: “I remember playing the Limelight. We didn’t take it all that seriously: our plan was to just fly in and use some other band’s equipment. […] we missed our flight because Axl was running late. […] By the time we got to New York City, it was time to go right to the show. […] I’d slept maybe an hour on the plane. […] It was a pretty good night. The only problem was the dreaded moment when we had to play “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. It took me ten minutes to get those first eight notes together. […] I think it was the same night that I stage-dove and the crowd parted like the Red Sea and let me hit the floor.”

Duff: ”Two night before [the Ritz] show, we decided to play a semi-acoustic surprise show a a venue in Manhattan called the Limelight, a former church. By the time we headed into the sanctuary, everyone in the band was so fucked up that we lost members one by one as the set progressed. eventually everyone except me and Axl went down. It was a comical gig, but I took something serious away from it. I told myself I would never get so deep in my cups that I wouldn’t be able to play” [Duff’s biografi, “It’s So Easy”, 2011, s.132].

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