1988-02-08 Montezuma Hall, SDSU, San Diego, CA

STED: Montezuma Hall, SDSU, San Diego, CA

INFO: T.S.O.L. åbner. Før ‘Move To The City‘, siger Axl:It’s a loud fucking place!“. Før ‘Mr. Brownstone‘, siger Axl:You wanna go dancin’? You wanna go dancin with me? My name… my name is…. my name is Mr. Brownstone!” Efter ‘Out Ta Get Me,’ siger Slash:Hey you fuckers that grabbed the fuckin’ guitars man… just fucking wind the f*ck down. If this ends up sounding like sh*t you end up looking like a dick to a bunch of fucking people!Axl siger så: “well wind down on this, this is ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine‘” Axl introducerer ‘Used To Love Her‘ som “noget nyt.” Før ‘My Michelle,’ spørger Axl:San Diego…is this one of those so-called cocaine cities?! Well, oh yeah, this is crystal meth city, I’m sorry! Well I did some of that about a week and a half ago… did a little blast, was up for 4 fucking days! I was taking like 3 quaaludes and a bottle of Nightrain, I couldn’t come down for sh*t! Called up my girlfriend, “Hey douchebag what’s happening?” She didn’t like that too well at all. She told me about it like a week later. Anyway, this is for the crystal meth and the cocaine heads, this is a song called ‘My Michelle’” ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door‘ tilegnes Todd Crew og “The Champ.” Før ‘Welcome To The Jungle,’ siger Axl:I’ve changed my opinions about some things. One of them being MTV. Hey look dude, we’ve been number 2 or number 3 all week on there!” Før ‘Patience,’ siger Axl:They say they’ve got this 11 o’clock curfew, so I don’t think we’ll leave the stage right ’till we have to. Rather than go off now then come back in 5 minutes we’ll stay up here for 15.” Axl introducerer bandet efter ‘Patience,’ Slash introducerer ‘Paradise City.’

VARIGHED: 80min.


01. It’s So Easy
02. Move To The City
03. Mr. Brownstone
04. Out To Get Me
05. Sweet Child O’ Mine
06. Used To Love Her
07. My Michelle
08. Rocket Queen
09. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
10. Welcome To The Jungle
11. Nightrain
12. Patience
13. Paradise City
14. Mama Kin



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