1988-02-26 Long Beach Arena, long Beach, CA (Alice Cooper)

STED: Long Beach Arena, long Beach, CA

INFO: Axl, Izzy & Slash spiller på scenen med Alice Cooper.



01. Under My Wheels




Alice Cooper: “It was 1988. We were playing the Long Beach Arena, our big LA show. Guns N’ Roses were just breaking big. For the encore, we did ‘Under My Wheels,’ and Axl, Slash, and Izzy came up to play. That was the first time ever that anybody ever joined Alice Cooper onstage. They were the only guests ever in 20 years to be allowed on an Alice Cooper stage because that was my holy ground. It was the only time I ever felt comfortable with someone on my stage. My show doesn’t really allow for guests, but I just said, let’s go ahead and do this.”

Izzy: “In Long Beach we played “Under My Wheels” with [Alice].”

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