1988-03-31 The Late Show, Los Angeles, CA

STED: The Late Show, Los Angeles, CA

INFO: GnR’s første TV show optræden.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Ja/Ja (Soundboard)


01. You’re Crazy
02. Used To Love Her

GunsNRoses_1988-03-31_LosAngeles_screen_01288275460 GunsNRoses_1988-03-31_LosAngeles_screen_21288275460


Bandet, der var flad pga. de havde mistet deres turné med David Lee Roth, fik lidt succes med deres første tv show optræden, med et brillant akustisk sæt. “Appetite” havde på dette tidspunkt solgt en halv million albums, og de fik at vide at de kunne forvente at pladen ville opnå guldstatus. Izzy var hurtigt klar over at pengene var små selvom pladen var succesfuld:

One day Izzy Stradlin, with hair cut shorter than usual and deathly pallor intact, left his apartment on Hollywood Boulevard, boarded the Sunset Boulevard bus for eighty-five cents, and got off at Sunset and Gardner. “I went down to see our old studio on Sunset by the Guitar Center,” Izzy told an interviewer. “An old friend of ours lives there now. We paid $400 a month for this 12 by 12 room with no shower.” Izzy looked around the place with evident nostalgia. When Appetite went gold, he thought he’d be able to buy a car and bid the bus farewell. But no. “Then I found out there’s more to it than that. We have to pay everyone back first. Then it’s like we get a check every six months, or something fucked like that.”

Inspecting Guns’ old lair, Izzy was amused to discover that “this girl, Michelle, still has her name and phone number carved into the wa ll. God, that place was a riot back then. When you consider that, we’re all doing a lot better now than we ever did before.”

Steven Adler: ”On March 31, 1988, we did another acoustic performance, with me playing drums, on a show that was called Fox Late Night, a variety show. It featured a black host (Jeff Joseph), so ‘One In A Million’ was out of the lineup. Instead we did a medtempo version of ‘You’re Crazy’ and also ‘Used To Love Her’. […] The reason why I remember that performance so well is because we played ‘Crazy’ the way it was always meant to be played: slower, sleazy, more bluesy, with much more feeling, and not the frantic sped-up version on Appetite. Even though Axl had to censor himself for TV and leave out all the “fuckin’s,” he did a masterful job, and it’s definitely my favourite rendition of ‘Crazy.’”[Steven’s biografi, “My Appetite for Destruction”, 2012, s160]

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