1988-08-09 Cayuga County Fairgrounds, Weedsport, NY

STED: Cayuga County Fairgrounds, Weedsport, NY (link)

INFO: En urolig mængde igen som til Saratoga Springs, tre aftener forinden (8.6). Axl beskrev dette show som: “just, like, psycho.”

VARIGHED: 19:10 min.


Band Introductions
Slash Talking
Blues Jam
Rocket Queen
Sweet Child O’ Mine [Cut]
Used To Love Her




Saw GNR on August 9, 1988 in central NY (Weedsport Speedway – “you know it’s summer when they’re rockin’ in Weedsport”). Sweet Child just hit the top of the charts that day. They opened for a recently rebooted Aerosmith, and it was hot, sweaty, dirty, drunken and awesome. They stole the show, I got hammered and laid, lost my car keys and had to bum a ride home (75 miles away, and then back again the next day to get my car). This was before Spaghetti shite and Illusions mattered…and they still don’t…sorry all those clinging to youth, bravado and the wishful lust of testosterone and guitars – this band came and went about 20+ years ago…they were “was” before they done recording trite albums of radio fodder and over produced filler. I hated to jump onto the bandwagon that “it all ended when Izzy left”, but it did all end around then…they were a hard rock bunch of Aerosmith/Stones wannabees who captured lightning in a bottle for a brief moment in time…the coinciding with an oversaturation of MTV News and video sound bites all culminated into making this into much more than it was, and will ever be again…I don’t believe the RNRHOF induction is even proper – they really only merit one great album…is Iron Butterfly in the HOF? The Stone Roses? Blind Faith? This noise needs to stop. This enigma was more entertaining when they WEREN’T active (pre Chin Dem).

And at the end of all this diatribe and diarrhea – does any of this really matter…like Hollywood’s constant parade of reboots, remakes, and recycling, this is just ahead to the past again…nothing new…nothing creative…they have become the very thing they were launched to rebel against: mundane and common.

Adios Senor Bailey & Crew”


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