» An Intimate Night with Bumblefoot in Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas presents Bumblefoot at Vinyl Las Vegas.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal sat down for a night of shooting the shit, playing some off-the-wall requests, answering some even more off-the-wall questions, and then jamming out with a slew of his besties inside Vinyl, a small venue just outside the theater that hosts the Guns N’ Roses Night of Destruction/No Trickery Residency. For this “night off” Bumblefoot started the show sitting solo in a chair center stage with his signature Vigier Double neck and a microphone, chatting as the crowd began to fill the room and continuing to tell jokes and cut up until everyone had made their way in. As the fans packed up against the small stage, Bumblefoot talked to individual fans and asked them questions and then picked random audience members for their questions back at him. A couple were mundane “What’s your favorite song” (and answered ‘Tom Jones “It’s not Unusual”‘), “Is Bumblefoot your real name?” (he’s not related to Gweneth Paltrow, get google), and some were kinda out there… “Do you wash your beard?” (answered “yes, whenever I wash everything else”), and someone had to ask “Is Axl really going to retire?”, whereas Bumblefoot answered “No, don’t you read facebook? Axl’s not ending the band; no matter how much I torture him” and the crowd laughs out loud. Someone asked how much the Vigier weighed, and Bumblefoot got up and went over and handed it to the fan to see. A few fans asked for particular solos, and Bumblefoot obliged, and the room got taste of “Over the Mountain”, some “Pinball Wizard”, an amazing and astounding ‘science’ lesson in octaves and vibrations, and how a household thimble can create new fret life.

The stage got a lot more crowded as the set went from intimate and interactive to a full on rock n’ roll party, and Bumblefoot moved the chair away and was joined by singer Frank Dimino (Angel), guitarist Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint), drummer Craig Nelson (Flotsam/Jetsam) and Rigo on bass. “Highway Star” kicked off the jam, and the impromptu supagroup went through a slew of classic hard rock favorites for the crowd, with Dimino donning most of the lead vocals but Bumblefoot jumping in for vocals on a very Axl-esque rendition of “Used to Love Her”. Two more Vegas rock veterans helped out on a kick ass “Detroit Rock City” (Barry Barnes/Count’s 77, and Johnny Lust/Playgound) before the initial crew got back onto “Wasted Years” more Kiss and some age old pure Ozzy. A great metal jam by some vets of the business, and the night was sealed with a all-out “Whole Lotta Love”.

Bumblefoot hung around to talk to fans after the show, spending even more time with fans one-on-one even after the privacy invasion with the beard washing quiz, and really seemed at total ease with the fans and gave them more time to just be near one of their guitar gods on an intimate nigh off from the big production of GNR. Look for more one-off shows with select GNR members, they are known to do a few mini shows and appearances during their Vegas residencies.

Set list:

Highway Star
Communication Breakdown
What Is And What Should Never Be
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Detroit Rock City
Wasted Years
Mr. Crowley
Used to Love Her
Eleanor Rigby
Oh Darling
Rock N Roll
Whole Lotta Love

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