1989-10-13 Park Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

STED: Park Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

INFO: Det tredje show spilles ved Park Plaza Hotel, hvor Wolfsbane åbner for GnR. Bandet spillede et næsten to timers sæt. “Heartbreak Hotel” er med  Michael MonroeAxl spiller igen bas på “Rocket Queen“. Dette show blev også spillet for Rip Magazines tredje jubilæumsfest. Se en sjov video med Axl backstage ved Cathouse her.



01. It’s So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Move To The City
05. Patience
06. My Michelle
Slash solo
07. Heartbreak Hotel
08. Knockin’ On Heavens Door
09. Rocket Queen/ long jam with Axl on Bass
10. Nightrain
11. Sweet Child O’ Mine
12. Welcome To The Jungle
13. Mama Kin
14. Paradise City

Se en nyere lækket video med optagelser fra selve showet:


Marc Canter gav mig/os sætlisten for denne dato og dagen før.

Lonn Friend interview: 
METAL SLUDGE: Speaking of Guns N’ Roses, tell us the story about the RIP party at the Park Plaza Hotel, the last club gig ever performed by the original GNR.

FRIEND; It was sometime after midnight and we were way over capacity. So the fire department unilaterally cleared 1,000 guests from the building’s downstairs area.

METAL SLUDGE: I know, I was heading in the bathroom until they left.

FRIEND: I believe that. Anyway, I soon came to to discover that Alice Cooper and Steve Vai were among the guests herded out. Meanwhile, I’m upstairs in the performance room where the other 1,000 fans are anxiously awaiting GN’R to hit the stage. It’s now well after 1 in the morning, and I am way fucking nervous. This is a bad situation if the band doesn’t play and it’s my fault because it’s my party. I’ll never forget sitting down on the stairs leading to the stage, cowering like a monk with my head in hands, a dozen men in yellow jackets and yellow hats hovering about me. When all of a sudden, a finger taps me on shoulder. I look up, and it’s Axl. “Relax, man,” he says. “ We’re going on.” It was like he magically appeared from the rafters like the phantom of the opera. Moments later, GN’R tore the place apart — Mike Monroe doing “Heartbreak Hotel” and stage diving with Axl and Duff. Their set ended around 3:15 or something. And a couple days later, GN’R opened four epic dates for the Rolling Stones at the Coliseum.

METAL SLUDGE: The buzz was so huge for Guns …

FRIEND: To put it mildly. Think about this, the greatest band in rock history, the Rolling Stones, being upstaged by an opening act. But that’s how unreal it was. GN’R was handed the rulebook and they, forgive the expression, ripped it to shreds. The following year, we moved the party to a bigger venue, the Hollywood Palladium, and I helped put together the jam of the decade. It was really the guys who did it. It’s always the community of musicians that make the real magic happen. GN’R, Metallica and Sebastian – the GAAK jam, as it was known. Now this came after Ozzy did “War Pigs” with Faith No More, and James Hetfield joining Jim Martin on guitars. Motorhead was on the bill, and out of nowhere, Megadeth shows up at the back door with their manager, Ron Laffitte. “We just got off stage at the Santa Monica Civic, heard you were throwing a party,” says Mustaine. “Mind if we do three or four songs?” I grabbed stage manager, Kevin Lyman (the creator of the Warped Tour years later) and said, “Well, Kev?” and he shoots back, “Let’s do it!” Gaak did Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog,” with Axl and Bas sharing vocals. Lars was on the kit. Duff on bass, Slash on guitar. Hetfield and Hammett get on stage and they performed “Whiplash” for the second time because when Bas sang it first time around, as James put it in his classic intro, “We’re gonna do it now ‘cause that other guy fucked it up.” Yeah we had some parties. The very next year was the Seattle blowout, where Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chairs and the only full Temple of the Dog jam ever took place. There’s footage of it in Cameron Crowe’s documentary, Pearl Jam 20, respectfully captioned RIP Anniversary Oct. 5 1991. I didn’t even know they were filming. But I almost cried when I saw the footage on the Arc Light screen, bigger than life. Bigger than life, that was RIP and our parties. And the amazing rockers, writers, photographers and staffers and fans that helped create this singular, special, sonic moment in time and space. [Kilde]