1989-10-18 Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

STED: Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

INFO: Før de begynder, giver Axl sin berømte ‘One In A Million‘ tale. Før ‘Mr. Brownstone,’ siger Axl:I hate to do this on stage. But I tried every other fucking way. And unless certain people in this band get their sh*t together, these will be the last Guns N’ Roses shows you’ll fucking ever see. Cause I’m tired of too many people in this organization dancing with Mr. Goddamn Brownstone.”Axl falder af scenen hele 3 meter ned under ‘Out Ta Get Me‘. Senere siger han det var på grund af “smart fodarbejde.” ‘Suicide Horns Section,’ der er med Duff’s bror Matt, spiller horn på ‘Move To The City.’ Under ‘Rocket Queen‘ tog Axl over på bass, og Duff satte sig bag trommerne for at hjælpe på Adler’s slagtøjsknokleri. Under ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door‘, sagde Axl:Since you’re the biggest LA crowd we’ve every played in front of, you better be the loudest“, og atmosfæren steg feberagtigt. Efter den sidste sang, gav Axl sin lammende meddelelse, at han “trak sig tilbage”, og at disse shows var de sidste. Han smed mikrofonen på gulvet, og bandet forlod utrygt scenen. “Have a nice life...”, var Axl udelte kommentar til sidst! Backstage trak David Lee Roth Axl til side, mens Axl havde endnu et raserianfald. Senere den aften fortalte Mick Jagger til publikum: “I don’t know what’s the matter with Axl tonight, but we dedicate this next number to him. We all have these things but we don’t talk about them onstage!” hvorefter the Stones startede ‘Mixed Emotions‘.

VARIGHED: 65 min.


Axl ‘One In A Million’ Rant
01. It’s So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Move To The City
05. Patience
06. My Michelle
07. Rocket Queen
08. Sweet Child O’ Mine
09. Welcome To The Jungle
10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Paradise City


Slash: […] “I got the call that Axl wasn’t going to do the gigs. His reasoning was that Steven and I were on smack. We were…but that’s beside the point; we were opening for The Stones. Somehow we coerced him into doing the first show and it was a disaster. “Enjoy the show,” Axl said when we took the stage, “because it’s going to be our last one. There are too many of us dancing with Mr. Brownstone.” I was so pissed off about that and he was so pissed at me for being a junkie that I spent the better half of the show facing my amps. Nothing was together that night, the band sounded horrible” [Slash’s biografi, s.277-278]

Duff: “Before we played our first note, Axl suddenly announced to the 80,000 people in attendance that “if certain people in Guns N’ Roses didn’t stop dancing with Mr. Brownstone,” this would be our last show. The crowd became absolutely quiet. People in the audience looked at one another; they seemed confused as we were. They really had no idea what Axl was talking about. I shrank. I felt so fucking embarrassed. And I was so fucking mad that Axl felt he could do this to me. I would have been supportive if he was sufficiently pissed off at certain guys to want to confront them for what was going on – I was with him., the situation was bad. But he needed to talk about that shit in private! Not out here. Never out here. Once Axl took his concerns public, the times of being a gang – us against the world – were over. We played the rest of the show, but it was a halfhearted effort at best. Afterward, and really for the remainder of our career, we just went our separate ways. That night officially rang the bell for the end of an era of GN’R” [Duff’s biografi, “It’s So Easy”, 2011, s. 158]