1989-10-19 Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

STED: Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

INFO: Andet show ved Los Angeles Coliseum, hvor Slash taler til publikum før showet starter, hvor han bl.a. siger at GnR ikke vil være et svagt band og falde fra hinanden på grund af stofmisbrug. Efter ‘Mr. Brownstone,’ undskylder Axl for hvad han sagde aftenen før. Han tilegner ‘Out Ta Get Me‘ til psykopatiske kællinger! ‘Suicide Horns Section,’ spiller igen på ‘Move To The City.’ Axl spiller bas under ‘Rocket Queen‘.

VARIGHED: 60 min.


01. Mr. Brownstone
02. It’s So Easy
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Move To The City
05. I Was Only Joking [Intro] / Patience
06. Guitar Solo/Rocket Queen
07. Sweet Child O’ Mine
08. Only Women Bleed [Intro] / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
09. Welcome To The Jungle
10. Guitar Solo/Paradise City


Slash: […] “The next day, Doug [Goldstein] told me that Axl would play for the remaining shows as long as I apologized, onstage, to the audience, for being a junkie. […] So when the time came, I walked out there, and rather than apologize, I went into some banter about heroin and what it can do to you and how we’d been around the block a few times, how I’d done my time with the seductive beast. It was more amusing than anything else, because I didn’t want to bring the audience down at all. I have a way of mumbling when I talk anyway, so I think the mention of “the reality of drugs” and whatever else I said came off as an apology enough. We did a long into to “Mr. Brownstone” as I spoke, so from an audience perspective, it seemed like an impromptu introduction to the song. Whatever it was and wasn’t, once Doug told Axl that I did it (because he refused to leave the dressing room until I did), Axl was pleased and the vibe of the whole band turned around as he walked out onstage and we launched into “Mr. Brownstone.” Suddenly our camaraderie returned; once those personal issues were handled, we were able to focus on the playing. That second show was fine” […] [Slash’s biografi, s.277-278]