1990-04-07 Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN

STED: Hoosier Dome, Indianapolis, IN

INFO: Farm Aid IV, velgørenhedsshow for amerikanske landmænd. Steven Adler’s sidste optræden med bandet. Steven skvatter på vej op til trommerne. De spiller “Civil War“, der tilegnes til Axl’s onkel Bob, der bor i Illinois, og UK Subs “Down On The Farm” for første gang live. Udsendelsen blev vist i USA på TNN.

VARIGHED: 13 min.


01. Civil War
02. Down On The Farm



Denne optræden er seværdig alene fordi det er den sidste med det originale band samlet. Bandet var på vej mod den totale nedsmeltning, da de skulle spille velgørenhedskoncert ved Farm Aid IV. De havde knoklet på “Use Your Illusion” albummet siden januar, og undervejs blev Steven fyret kortvarigt, og derefter genansat med en underskrevet kontrakt, der tvang ham til at tage sig sammen og stoppe sit stofmisbrug, men han havde meget svært ved at leve op til kontrakten. I studiet bragte det frustrationer pga. de blev nødt til at klippe og klistre i hans usikre arbejde bag trommerne. Bandet håbede, at det højt profilerede velgørenhedsshow kunne motivere Adler, men fra starten af gik det galt.

Ud fra den video, synes jeg personligt ikke det lignede en nedsmeltning, og Adler lod til at klare jobbet fint, trods de 2 nye numre.

Steven: “Looking back, I realize that this may have been proof positive that their plan to get me out of the band was already in full motion. They weren’t cluing me in to new songs or even telling me what they were playing. I believe their strategy was to make my playing sound like this. I believe they wanted me to fuck up on live TV; that would be their evidence. By branding me as an ill-equipped, crappy drummer, they’d be armed with a sound reason for kicking me out.”

Slash: “The second we walked out onstage, Steven took a run up to the drum riser, which is a pretty big platform that’s hard to miss, and took flight. […] Steven hobbled through the show, and our performance was dodgy at best, though well received by the Farm Aid crowd. […] There couldn’t have been a better way for Steven to reveal to us that he’d been lying about being clean.”

Slash: [om Civil War] “That was actually one of the first songs Axl and I wrote after Appetite. The tour wasn’t even finished, Axl heard me playing this acoustic thing and we started rehearsing it with the band in Australia (1988). It was also the first song where we went in the studio with Steven and realised that he wasn’t really playing up to par.”

Slash: We did “Civil War” with Steve Adler, and before I could put the guitars on, we had to edit the drums because he was so out of time. He couldn’t keep his meter together. So it was another one of those situations where I had to judge when he was gonna come in.

Steven: I had to play it like 25 times until it was useable. My timing was so up and down because I was so weak. The whole time I kept telling the guys, “I don’t feel good, I’m really down” and they kept saying “You’re just fucked up”, “I’m not fucked up!” I was sick from an opiate blocker I got from a doctor that Doug Goldstein took me too. I think he knew what effect it would have on me…I wanted to wait another week or so before we went in to the studio to record. Slash says that we couldn’t waste the money, and we had to do it that day. They all knew I was sick….it’s a great song, it came out great, but I’m sure had I not been in the position that they put me in I would have nailed it in one take. Slash called me on a Thursday, knowing that I was sick, and said “We’re going in the studio this weekend” I said “dude, you know I can’t go, I’m sick from this bullshit medication”. He said we can’t waste the money, an I said don’t even tell me about wasting money, we know somebody who wasted plenty of fucking money! If one of them was sick, it would have been postponed! We just weren’t a team anymore.

Den 11. juli fyres Steven officielt, og Matt Sorum, der hidtil var hans erstatning i studiet, blev tilbudt jobbet:

Steven: “All of a sudden the family thing turned into little cliques. Duff and Slash would hang out, Izzy would disappear, Axl – god knows what he was doing. I was hanging out with the crew guys. Then the crew guys, if they were seen hanging out with me they would get a reprimand. It was terrible.” [Kilde]

Matt: “I was going to just do the albums and Steven was going to come back and do the tour. Steven was going through a lot of personal stuff. I was temporarily there. But as time progressed, maybe a couple of weeks into the session Slash pulled me aside, and said it didn’t look as if Steven was coming back and asked if I’d like to join the band. Here I was in an already successful band that I was very happy with, but to be offered that gig at the time was the highest level you can imagine. If you compare it to what’s out there now, I don’t think there’s anyone that can compare to that level.” [Kilde]