1990-11-09 Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA

STED: Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA

INFO: Bandet er med til at fejre RIP Magazine’s fødselsdag.  AxlDuff og Slash  sammen med Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Lars UlrichJames Hetfield og Kirk Hammett (Metallica) spiller under navnet GAK (Slang for kokain, cannabis, osv). En grund til, at Whiplash blev spillet 2 gange, var fordi Sebastian Bach åbenbart ikke gjorde det godt nok. I hvert fald hørte man Hetfield sige: “I’m gonna sing it this time. The other guy fucked it all up.” Man ser ham også grine og ryste på hovedet af Bach. :lol:

VARIGHED: 27 min.


01. You’re Crazy
02. For Whom The Bell Tolls
03. Piece Of Me
04. Hair Of The Dog
05. Whiplash #1
06. Whiplash #2

19901109photo01 19901109photo24


Desværre ikke den bedste lyd der er på denne video.

Duff: “Guns did the third anniversary RIP (US rock magazine) party – that’s got to be three years ago now – and I jumped into the crowd, did a little stagedive. The place was fuckin’ packed but I jumped and all of a sudden the Red Sea just parted, man! 12 feet straight down – BOOM! Thanks for catching me, you guys! I didn’t think there was any room for them to move. Then everyone started jumping on top of me and somebody grabbed the old chain and fuckin’ ripped it off my neck – it wouldn’t go over my head – to add insult to injury while I’m laying there bleeding on the floor.”