Rolling Stone Australia — Slash Won’t Stand Still

He’s approaching the tail-end of a rare day off, having spent the past two months pinballing between solo dates with his band the Conspirators featuring vocalist Myles Kennedy, their support slots on Aerosmith’s arena tour, and an endless parade of promotional duties in service of his third solo album, World On Fire. The past few hours have been spent playing guitar and catching up on e-mails, and this evening he will head to the movies to watch French horror film As Above, So Below. Ultimately, though, a day off is a day away from the stage, and it is there that the man absolutely no-one calls Saul – deferring instead to Slash, the nickname given to him as a teen by family friend and film producer Seymour Cassel due to his inability to stand still for more than five minutes – is most at home. “That’s where I feel like I’m expressing myself as honestly as possible,” he reasons. “The rest of the time I’m just treading water, trying to get to the next gig.”

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