Rock Photograher Katarina Benzova Shares Her Story (INTERVIEW) – Glide Magazine

A couple of times this year, MY ROOTS will give you a glimpse of someone behind the scenes of the music we all love. We begin with a peek inside the life and career of music photographer Katarina Benzova. She is the official photographer for both Guns N Roses and the Dead Daisies, but did you know that she was once a supermodel walking the catwalks in designer clothes? Fate would eventually intervene after attending a GNR concert with a friend, taking some photos and having them seen by the band. Now she travels the world in a different realm and has captured breathtaking black & white images of Axl Rose, Billy Gibbons, Paul Stanley, Keith Richards, Courtney Love and Steven Tyler, among others. “Katarina captures life through her lens in a remarkable way which leaves one to wonder if there’s really glass between the subject and eye,” ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons shared with me recently. “Stark realism is at the forefront of her aim.” Music photographer Vera Harder considers her photos, “Very classy.”

So for this young woman, born and raised amongst the beauty of Slovakia, who never dreamed of being a photographer, she has become one of music’s up & coming legends in the making. After spending the holidays in her snowy homeland, Benzova gave us the scoop on her life, behind and in front of, the all-seeing lens.

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