1991-05-28 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

STED: Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

INFO: Første af to udsolgte udendørsshows i Noblesville. Axl & Izzy’s hjemkomstsshow. Axl har en lang tale efter første sang – læs den i kommentarfeltet. Før “14 Years” forklarer Axl hvordan den nye sang blev til, og sangen handler om hvor lang tid det har taget dem (bandet) at nå hertil. Før “Mr. Brownstone” siger Axl at han føler sig som en idiot med støttebenet på, som han bare måtte have på hvis han ellers ønskede at spille med et overrevet ledbånd: “And that means we’d have to cancel these shows, and all you people would hate my fuckin’ guts! And I’d be sitting back in L.A. all bummed out, probably buy three pounds of heroin and shoot it up my asshole…NOT! Nothing like dancing with Mr. Brownstone!” Efter sangen spotter Axl en i publikum der smider noget bare for at være sej, beder han publikum om at tæske ham. Før “KOHD” brokker Slash sig over hvor varmt der er. Han tilegner sangen til Todd Crew. Før “DTJ” siger Axl: “You know, Mr. Izzy is the one who basically wrote the song “Patience”, and ehm, I just seen it on MTV so many times, and our lives been up shit creek, and kinda make us wanna fuckin’ puke! So this was his version of “Patience 2”, this is something called Double Talking Jive Motherfucker!” Før “Estranged” siger Axl: “This is something, about a woman and this place that makes me feel estranged!” Axl slutter showet af med disse ord før sidste sang: “About six years ago, we had a club band in Hollywood at a place called the Troubadour. And every fuckin’ thing in the world went wrong, and I look at Slash, saying: “what’s causing this?”, and he’s like: “God doesn’t want this band to happen!” Now I think if there’s a God, he wants this band to happen! ‘Cause we’re having a better time here than selling crack and blowing peoples heads off, and jack shit! I wanna apologize, for so much shit going on, that you people had to fuckin’ wait on my ass to get up here. But, see, being this is Indiana, it would be the only goddamn place that has a ten o’clock-something-curfew. So to return the favour of you waiting, as of eleven o’clock, about 45 minutes ago or something, we’re paying an extra 5000$ just to stay here and play! (???) …sure it’s not much…but we didn’t have to, but I really don’t fuckin’ like rippin’ you people off…this will be our last song…this is something called “Paradise City”

VARIGHED: 120min.


Intro – Everybody Knows
01. Perfect Crime
02. Out Ta Get Me
03. Bad Obsession
04. Live And Let Die
05. 14 Years
06. Mr. Brownstone
07. Civil War
08. I Was Only Joking [Intro] / Patience
Drum Solo
Guitar Solo
Godfather Theme
09. Rocket Queen
10. Only Women Bleed [Intro] / Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Double Talkin’ Jive
12. Dust N’ Bones
13. Estranged
14. Bad Time [Intro] / Sweet Child O’ Mine
15. Welcome To The Jungle
16. Paradise City




Denne publikumsoptagelse er ok. Vil give den A. “Dust N’ Bones er blevet klippet ind fra showet den 29.

Axl efter første sang:
“You have been waiting a long time tonight, huh? ” I’ll tell you a little bit. This stage here in Indianapolis, Indiana. This time around, is the hardest state I could ever walk on. It’s not because of what you people think we might do…It’s not because of how hard it is to do what we do. You see, I grew up in this state for two thirds of my life. And it seems to me, there a a lot of scared old people in this fuckin’ state. And basically for two thirds of my life, they tried to fuckin’ keep my ass down! I mean, I don’t know anything about…Iraq! I don’t know that much about (?). I’ve been in L.A. in ten years, and that don’t mean shit! So basically for me, this is like I got a lot of fuckin’ cool prisoners here in Auschwitz! A friend of mine was walking around today – I know you didn’t come here to hear me talk but if I don’t do this I can’t play! A friend of mine was walking around today, he was wearing the shit that he usually wears, you know, and a bunch of fuckin’ jarhead cops and other people go “pfft” and laughin’ and shit. I mean this guy, you know, makes more money a year than they’ll make in a whole life, doin’ his fuckin’ job when he wants. But no, he’s dressed like a stupid fuckin’ fool! Who’s the fuckin’ fool? And then, on the way in…he tells me that he was talking to somebody in the hotel remembering he was here last year (???). Said he was feeling crazy, and our friend say: “did you grow up here?”, and he goes: “yeah it’s a hard motherfucking hard place to grow up, man! And this band Guns N’ Roses is one of the only things his fuckin’ kids got!” Now when I was off, getting all pissed off today, I had to remember something. What this stage and these people represent to me in Indiana, that ain’t the same thing as what you are…you people came to see my fuckin’ band play! It’s been a real motherfuckin’ hurdle for me to get over my hatred for these people, that try to hold my ass down, and tell me I was a fuckin’ idiot for twenty years of my life! Just ’cause they had their fuckin’ head up their goddamn ass! This is a song of Appetite..This song is called “Out Ta Get Me”, but, try it, motherfucker!”