1991-07-02 Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO

STED: Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO

INFO: Omkring 19.000 tilskuere overværer bandet i Maryland Heights (St. Louis), uden at vide hvad der sker ca. 90 minutter senere. Axl kan allerede ane uråd med hensyn til sikkerhedsfolkene på stedet. Før ‘You Could Be Mine,’ fortæller Axl at “With your bitch slap rappin’ and your cocaine tongue you get nothin’ done” var i AFD noterne. Axl fortæller en god historie om hvordan han tog en bus til St. Louis da han var 17. Under ‘Rocket Queen,’ opdager Axl en biker (Stump) der tager billeder. Situationen eskalerer hurtigt efter Axl fortæller sikkerhedsvagterne om at tage kameraet, men da de ikke reagerer på det, hopper Axl selv ned blandt publikum og det udvikler sig til håndgemæng hvor man ser ham slå på en af vagterne! Derefter kommer han op på scenen igen, griber fat i mikrofonen, og siger:”Thanks to the lame-ass security, I’m going home.” Bandet forlader scenen, og optøjerne begynder. Showet blev optaget, og videoen blev stjålet og lækket til GN’R fans. Læs mere om sagen her. Bandets udstyr blev delvist ødelagt, og skadesomkostningerne fra optøjerne løb op i 200,000$.

VARIGHED: 82 min/125min (inkl. optøjer)


  1. Perfect Crime
  2. Mr. Brownstone
  3. Live And Let Die
  4. Dust N’ Bones
  5. You Could Be Mine
  6. I Was Only Joking [Intro] / Patience
  7. Double Talkin’ Jive
  8. November Rain
  9. Welcome To The Jungle
  10. Civil War
  11. 14 Years
    Drum Solo
    Guitar Solo
    Godfather Theme
  12. Rocket Queen


Et af de shows der bare skal ses!

Axl: ” When I got back onstage, I’d lost a contact, and I couldn’t see. My first thought was, I’m out of here. I’m paying these guys’ [venue staff] salary, I don’t need to be treated like that by them. I went backstage, and found a new lens. It was getting crazy and we decided we were going to go back out and try to play, because we didn’t want people to get hurt. ” [RS 22.Aug ’91]

Slash: “We were backstage, watching cops on stretchers all bloody and shit, and it was like, “Fuck! How could this be happening?” I was so scared somebody was going to die. It was completely out of hand. This guy was shooting pictures the whole show. He’d been doing it, and probably having a good laugh. I saw Axl tell the security guard, ‘Stop that fuckin’ guy!’ and the security’s watching the band. So Axl went in, and that’s when it started. We wanted to go on again. I know there’s a certain amount of blame that can be put on us, because if you don’t know us, you might say, ‘Well, you could’ve done something to keep it together.’ But from our point of view, it all happened so fast, we didn’t know what the fuck was going on. The kids had a field day. I lost all my amps, my guitar tech got a bottle in the head, someone got knifed, our stage and video equipment and Axl’s piano were trashed. I don’t know. It was a fluke. It shouldn’t have happened… but it did.”

Duff: “The band was shoved into a small van and told to get on the floor so we weren’t visible. Slash’s hat was sticking up. The driver asked him to take it off. When the van drove our of the enclosed part of the venue and into the parking lot, I could hear the mayhem had spread outside. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I peeked out the back window – I could see speaker cabinets and pieces of our pianos. Kids had gotten tired of carrying them or dumped them when the cops showed. Clots of cops ran around with batons and pepper spray. Kids ran this way and that. Medics rushed around treating bloodied fans. Police had people in cuffs. It looked like a war zone” [Duff’s biografu, “It’s So Easy”, 2011, s. 186-188]”

Når man ser showet op til  Axl, der udadtil  virker irrationel, når han bad om at få fjernet det kamera fra Stump Stephenson for 4. gang, så kan man bedre få en forståelse for hvad der skete denne aften ved at læse dette:

The place allowed bottles and knives and whatever else inside… And they [public] think I did it just because I wanted to stop somebody from taking my picture. The camera was the last straw, the final thing. I was sick of it, at that point, with the security in the front. There was a weird space in my mind the entire night. I was thinking, “Something isn’t right up here. Why is there this weird attitude, this passiveness, in the security?” There was no feeling that they were on the same team as us. Their feeling towards the crowd wasn’t right. A young boy and a girl were getting shoved over here while rowdy bikers are being allowed to do whatever they want. What is going on? I was very confused… One thing that is not being said in the press is that Earl Gabiddon [Axl’s bodyguard and head of GNR security at the time] was on the headset and he warned these guys [venue staff] in the front that either the cameras go or the show is off. He warned them four times. He was doing his job. [Musician, “There’s a Riot Going On,” Sept 1991]