Guns N’ Roses Reconcilation Plan Proposed by Band’s Photographer | VIDEO | GuitarPlayer

Former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has described Marc Canter as the band’s sixth member. Now Canter, Guns N’ Roses’ official biographer and former photographer, is hoping his position with the band—as well as his friendship with Slash and Axl Rose—will provide some leverage to get the original group back together again.   The photographer announced his plan in episode one of the new Uproxx Guns N’ Roses documentary series. Canter says he believes a reconciliation between Slash, Rose and the original band is possible if they can return to the $15-an-hour rehearsal space where they first discovered their potential as a band. “This is the first place they jammed together,” Canter says in the documentary, as he shows the room. “You knew that there was something special here. This is just a tiny, crappy rehearsal space. This is the place that my friends came together for the first time and realized the chemistry. “What it would take to get them back together is simple. Come back where it all started. Just put them in here without any management, any handlers, any roadies. I believe that the chemistry inside them, the gravitational pull, is so strong that if they would just walk in this room, music would pour out of their souls.”   Adds Canter, “It’s just a shame to watch two of my best friends that made beautiful music together not communicate at all for the wrong reasons.”   Canter was a childhood friend of Slash’s and later became close with Rose. Both men attended Canter’s wedding, and Rose even played an early version of “November Rain” on piano during the ceremony, some two years before the song was actually released. As the band’s earliest photographer, Canter caught countless images of Guns N’ Roses at their earliest shows and videotaped 30 of the band’s shows. “Marc became sort of the sixth guy in there,” McKagan says in the episode. “He was always around. He had unlimited access in the early days when he was the only guy who cared about the band.” In the video clip, Canter talks about his history with the band and his friendship with Slash and Rose, and he shows the garage where he first heard Slash playing guitar in 1981.

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