GnR Tidslinje/kronologi 1979-2014

Så blev jeg endelig færdig med tidslinjen, som jeg håber at du kan overskue. Jeg har valgt at lave denne samlede oversigt, for at undgå at lave en masse dobbeltarbejde mht. sætlister, og koncertinfo osv. Der mangler naturligvis stadig lidt hist og her, men det tager jeg ved de næste medlemmers tidslinjer og indføjer det GnR relaterede herunder. Du vil kunne se hvor lang tid det har taget mig at arbejde (med få pauser indimellem) på disse sider, der blev oprettet 27. december, 2013 (hvis det skulle have interesse):

(Tryk på årstallet for at se oversigten)

1979-1984 (27. december, 2013 & 07. januar, 2014)

1985 (27. december, 2013)

1986 (27. december, 2013)

1987 (27. december, 2013 & 21. januar, 2014)

1988 (27. december, 2013 & 21. januar, 2014)

1989 (27. december, 2013)

1990 (27. december, 2013)

1991 (27. december, 2013)

1992 (27. december, 2013 & 06. januar, 2014)

1993 (27-31. december, 2013)

1994-2000 (27. december, 2013-13. februar, 2014)

2001 (27. december, 2013-07. januar, 2014)

2002-2005 (27. december, 2013-07. januar, 2014)

2006 (27. december, 2013-18. januar, 2014)

2007-2008 (27. december, 2013-18. januar, 2014)

2009 (27. december, 2013-19. januar, 2014)

2010 (07. januar, 2014-30. januar, 2014)

2011 (25. januar, 2014-09. februar, 2014)

2012 (25. januar, 2014-13. februar, 2014)

2013 (06. januar, 2014-23. februar, 2014)

2014 (06. januar, 2014-23. februar, 2014)

Som altid vil jeg blive glad og taknemmelig for lidt respons, konstruktiv kritik eller tips og tilføjelser fra jer, der gerne vil deltage i opbygningen af denne side. Så skriv endelig til mig, hvis du synes der mangler noget på siden, eller hvis du finder faktuelle fejl eller stavebøffer 😉

No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction… In Sin City : Guns N’ Roses

This Spring, due to overwhelming demand, Guns N’ Roses will mark their triumphant return to Sin City for a second residency at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. “No Trickery! An Evening of Destruction” will run 9 dates between May 21st and June 7th.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. Nightrain pre sale and VIP packages will become available for a limited time only starting TODAY at 10am HERE at Not a Nightrain member? Join now!

Residency Dates:

Wednesday, May 21 Saturday, May 24, Sunday, May 25, Wednesday, May 28, Friday, May 30, Saturday, May 31 Wednesday, June 4, Friday, June 6, Saturday, June 7

Nightrain: ticket Presales are now available for the Guns N’ Roses show on May 13th, at the Sands Bethlehem Events Center in Bethlehem, PA. If you’re a member of Nightrain, log in to your account and visit the event detail page on to place your order.

If you’re interested in room packages, please visit the Hard Rock’s site for more details.


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Guns N’ Roses’ Dj Ashba Confirms Second Las Vegas Residency, Comments On Police Helicopter Ride –

GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Daren Jay “DJ” Ashba has confirmed that the band will return to Las Vegas this spring for its second residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

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TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter

Over the past week I’ve put out a few intentionally sarcastic tweets in response and calling attention to the killing of an 18 month old baby male giraffe named Marius by the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark.

And in that regard I think that without more information or a better understanding of not just how this particular breeding program works or why it’s believed to be necessary and seemingly without room for exception or public opinion… to the average person it would seem that…

1.) Marius could have been spared and was a waste of a healthy young animal’s life.

2.) The manner in which he was if not euthanized then disposed of seemed particularly barbaric, unnecessary and a vulgar or grotesque display of inconsideration and complete disregard for public sentiments adding a level of morbid spectacle and horrendousness difficult for most to comprehend by doing so not just in front of but for what seems some misguided or twisted sense of educational purposes for children.


3.) The seemingly cold and clinical responses and attitudes regarding this unfortunate event by those involved appearing to be somewhat defiant, arrogant and even seeming somewhat perversely satisfied with themselves and their actions going as far as to express “pride” in their decisions comes off as completely heartless in regard to the animals and seems extremely disrespectful toward the general public on this issue.

Perhaps their comments were taken out of context? Perhaps there’s something lost in translation? I don’t know that anyone is trying to say or act in this situation as if they truly know more than these particular or any professional animal caretakers or zoologists etc. but I do know that at present plenty of lay people worldwide do not understand or approve of what took place here. And again without more information and better understanding of the breeding program and why this was deemed the appropriate course of action this event seems misguided and a crime against the very nature those in such positions are thought to be involved with as protectors and caretakers of such animals.

One can attempt to justify these choices as those taking into consideration a bigger picture scientifically but in my view there seems to be more than one perspective to that picture and it would appear that adherence to such a rigid or strict nature of such clinical focus may be disregarding the public impact of their actions.

For most normal everyday people that love, care about and enjoy animals this event has been a tragedy. An unexpected, unimaginable and what for many is most devastating a seemingly avoidable horror show that somehow seems lost on the professionals involved and those speaking for the zoo a facility that’s in my opinion thought to exist for the animals, the public, educational purposes and science in as best a sense of harmony as possible. Just as it’s a privilege for the public to visit, view and experience these animals it’s also a privilege to work with and care for the animals and have the opportunity to do so while interacting and/or working with the public.

Unfortunately somehow in this instance all or much of that seems to have been forgotten.


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Axl kommenterer “Marius-gate”

I går skrev Axl følgende kommentar på sin twitterprofil:


I dag fulgte han det op med disse ord:

But seriously, let me get this straight… The Danes killed a 2yr old baby giraffe, chopped it up n’ fed him to the lions (allegedly in front of kids) to avoid inbreeding rather than find a place for it. Maybe this is a big problem over there I don’t know but I’m not getting how this deters siblings n’ various other assorted Danish family members from fuckin’ each other?! J/k :)☺

For 1 time siden skrev han:

Lemme get a Giraffica, a homemade cherry Danish, some o’ them pre-fried Pepper’s… Oh! n’ a liter of cola!

Vi sendte nogle links til Axl som han forhåbentlig ser + et interview med Bengt Holst som du kan se her.

Følg med i debatten i vores facebook gruppe her.

Opdatering (13. jan.):

De danske aviser B.T. og E.B er nu også hoppet med på Axl’s kommentarer:

EB: Axl Rose håner danskerne efter giraf-drab

Axl Rose håner Red Hot Chili Peppers’ karaokeoptræden til Super Bowl –

Siden det kom frem, at Red Hot Chili Peppers spillede playback ved Super Bowl 2.februar, har der ikke været stille ved tasterne hos Guns N’ Roses -forsanger Axl Rose.

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