Richard Fortus Says He Understands Why People Keep Pushing For Classic Guns N’ Roses Reunion – How does it make you feel when people constantly criticize GUNS and your bandmates so unfairly?

 I get it. I understand people want what they remember the band as being. A lot of times, people have a hard time accepting. Fans of FLEETWOOD MAC before they got Stevie Nicks, if they were fans of Peter Green, they didn’t get it. Most of those people, it took them a long time to accept FLEETWOOD MAC as a different band because it wasn’t Peter Green. The same deal with the SANTANA band and all the changes that band went through. For people to accept VAN HALEN with Sammy Hagar singing, even though that was their most successful time and they sold more records with Sammy Hagar, a lot of people that liked VAN HALEN from the beginning didn’t want to hear anything but David Lee Roth on it. Same thing with GENESIS. I have a hard time listening to GENESIS with Phil Collins singing after Peter Gabriel. It just goes on and on, the list is quite long. And I think it’s harder when you change singers, because it’s such a huge voice of the music and really that’s like the most personal aspect and connection to a band is generally through the singer. And when you change that, it changes the character of the band. And in the same respect, changing anybody else makes it different as well. And it’s a different band. A lot of people accept it and a lot of people don’t. And that’s OK.

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Ron Thal and all guns blazing – Music | The Star Online

If he had his way, Thal’s vision for the band’s next album will be to factor the pureness of rock ’n’ roll, where listeners can point out what each member of the band is playing and the music will be injected with each member’s distinctive personality. “It (the album) would be very imperfect, very real, natural and not edited to give it a live, raw, organic sound. I think that’s what people want from GN’R. And when they think about GN’R, they think about rock ’n’ roll, and that’s what I like to be … the best rock ’n’ roll band we can be,” he enthused.

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LIVE! | Hookers ‘N’ Blow Concert Review –

November 2, 2013 at Vamp’d in Las Vegas, NV. –

On any given night there are numerous musical choices to celebrate the weekend. One surefire hit is to take in a concert at Las Vegas premier concert venue Vamp’d. On Nov. 2 the club featured Hookers ‘N’ Blow featuring Guns ‘n’ Roses keyboard player Dizzy Reed. Over the past ten years I haven’t seen Hookers ‘N’ Blow perform on the East Coast. Tonight it was the first time the band performed in Las Vegas. So needless to say, it was going to be a full Hookers ‘N’ Blow extravaganza.

Hookers ‘N’ Blow features an All-Star line-up including Dizzy Reed of GNR on keyboards and vocals, Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot on guitar, Matt Starr on drums of Ace Frehley and Burning Rain and on bass Mike Duda from Wasp. The night included many Guns ‘n’ Roses hits including “It’s So Easy,” “Used To Love Her” and “Don’t Cry.” The show also included favorite cover tunes including “Ziggy Stardust.”

If anyone has ever seen Guns ‘n’ Roses, then you are familiar with the dynamic caliber of keyboard player Dizzy Reed. Dizzy who is heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones brought his bluesy rock style here to Vamp’d tonight and shined. Guitarist Alex Grossi is one of the top guitarists in the business. Alex has a special flair of showcasing his talent of the freeboard with much passion. His style is reminiscent of a young Randy Rhoads. Tonight’s show was filled with many special guest stars including Jizzy Pearl. Jizzy performed two songs with the band. The night hit a special climax as GNR guitarist DJ Ashba took the stage to a riveting response of “Tush.” Also Jeff Duncan of Armored Saint performed “Sin City.”

It was a night filled with many great moments. The band jammed until the wee hours of the morning, as this party was just getting started. Highlight of the set was “Patience” and bluesy encore “Sympathy For The Devil.” Hopefully the band will return to Vamp’d real soon! Check out the links below. The band has new merchandise. Be the first on the block to sport a new Hookers ‘N’ Blow shirt. Special Thanks to Alex Grossi for making this review possible.

Set List:

Pretty Tied Up
Dust ‘n’ Bones
It’s So Easy
American Girl
Used To Love Her
Ziggy Stardust
Locomotive (outro)
Don’t Cry
Your Crazy
Bad Obsession
*Last In Line (DIO)w/ Jizzy Pearl
*Blackout in the Red Room w/ Jizzy Pearl
*Tush w/ DJ Ashba
Nice Boys
*Sin City w/ Jeff Duncan
Sweet Child O Mine
Sat. Nights Alright
Sympathy For The Devil

HOOKERS & BLOW Facebook:

Alex Grossi: /

Merchandise Available at FORGOTTEN SAINTS in Hollywood:

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Bumblefoots – Caiprinha Jazz Bar, London, 17. oktober, 2013

Caiprinha Jazz Bar, London. Thursday October 17th 2013. (m/Guns 2 Roses)

Flere videoer fra London:

Used to Love her

Catcher in the Rye + Estranged

Bumblefoot + King Lizards – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Paradise City + klip

Bumblefoot Questions and Answers workshop + Guitars STILL Suck

Johnny B Good


Pink Panther

Police jam

Black Knight


Guns’n’Roses guitarist Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot clinic at Copenhagen Guitar Show 2013 – YouTube

Ron Thal known as Bumblefoot is lead guitarist in Guns’n’Roses.

He held a clinic at the Copenhagen Guitar Show on the 6. of October 2013.

A finer combination of craftmanship, showmanship, charming personality, kindness and down to earth presence is hard to find!

Please check out the split mind demonstration, it’s a killer.

Leif Barbré Knudsen


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