Adler: "Axl and I talked until 8 in the morning!"

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Adler: "Axl and I talked until 8 in the morning!"

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Adler: "Axl and I talked until 8 in the morning!"
Wednesday • February 14, 2007

A recent phone interview with Steven Adler has been posted on his official MySpace. He talks about when him and Axl hung out after the Guns N' Roses shows in Vegas (Sep 16-17, 2006):

February 14 – Steven speaks!

This conversation took place on Saturday, January 13th. What was really nice (for me) was his heartfelt apology for not being in touch! Naturally, I just appreciate being his friend (who wouldn't?!). The call ended abruptly with him promising to call right back. So I waited…and waited. I was hoping to have him elaborate more on certain things, but we'll take what we can get, right? Sorry I lagged on not giving you the details sooner!

Happy Valentines!

Steven: I saw Axl, talked with him from, sh*t, what was it? 10 or 12 at night to 8 in the morning, we talked. We resolved a lot of fucking sh*t!

Fansite: What was that like? That must've been weird!

Steven: It was wonderful! Just wonderful. I was the same happy-go-lucky person that I've always been to him, and he enjoyed it. Dude we talked 'till 8 in the morning!

Fansite: Wow.

Steven: It was at The HardRock, when he played there.

Fansite: Did you see the show?

Steven: Yeah…three people in his band all look like Izzy! I told him it sucked, I was kidding. I said "You know the five of us have to get back together! That's when it will really fucking take off again! Nothing will be bigger. It would be the biggest reunion ever in history".

Fansite: What did he say?

Steven: You know how he is. He just grinned and giggled a little bit. Everybody in his band came up to me, "You're the greatest fucking drummer! We tell Axl, 'you gotta get the band back together'!" That's what they said to HIM! It was wonderful! Dude, let me call you back! I'm not ignoring you, dude! You're one of my top best friends, man! You've never done anything to hurt me! I'll call you right back!

Fansite: No problem, man! But real quick, what else is goin' on?

Steven: Um, I've been talking with Izzy. I've been talking with Slash. 20 years, dude, since Appetite came out. Axl's record is supposed to come out, in what, a few months?

Fansite: Yeah, hopefully.

Steven: Izzy wants a reunion. I know what I need to do. Before anything happens, me and Chip (Z'Nuff) have been talkin' about doing a world tour. I'm so sorry, I know it made you feel really bad that I haven't answered the phone, things have been hard on me lately. I miss ya, and I will talk to you later!

Fansite: Okay, Stevie!

..and that was it. Of course I wanted to dig a bit more! But I hope you appreciate this little tidbit, and, as always, I'll keep you updated as often as possible!

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