Tommy Hilfiger's Version of the Fight with Axl

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Tommy Hilfiger's Version of the Fight with Axl

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Tommy Hilfiger's Version of the Fight with Axl
Tuesday • April 3, 2007

In an interview with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger by The Daily Telegraph, the reporter asks him about the fight he had with Axl Rose last year. Here's the excerpt:

So does he ever worry what a 'very chic client' might think about him beating up certain red-haired rock stars? Hilfiger looks at me and smiles. It's late afternoon in Nantucket, and a red sun is sinking slowly into the Atlantic.

'You wanna know what really happened?' He leans forward in his chair. 'I'll tell you. I was sitting in a club with my brother Andy and Lenny Kravitz and a very beautiful woman. Axl came in and became belligerent.' Rose, he says, tried to squeeze in and push past him in order to get the woman's attention. Hilfiger claims that when he became 'protective', Rose took the woman's drink and slammed it on the table.

'I said, "Excuse me, that was really rude," ' says Hilfiger, 'And he said, "F— you." ' Hilfiger grins. 'And I said, "Well, f— you." '

According to Hilfiger, they went back and forth with the f— you's for a while, until Axl said, 'I'm gonna show you who I am!' 'He pulled his fist back, and he had this big ring on,' says Hilfiger. 'And I thought, "If this guy hits me, I'm gonna lose my teeth." So I lunged out of my seat and I went BOOM!'

Hilfiger jumps out of his seat and punches the air. 'And I hit him in the eye, and then,' Hilfiger laughs, 'he got cra-zy! He totally lost control, and my bodyguard stepped in and his bodyguard stepped in, and the bodyguards got into a fight. Finally, my bodyguard said, "We're getting out of here," and he picked me up and carried me out of the club.' Rose's version of events is different – he says that Hilfiger hit him after he moved the woman's drink so as not to spill it as he sat down.

Rose, however, did himself no favours by choosing to bite a Swedish security guard in the leg several weeks after the incident.

As for Hilfiger, Rose simply became another in a series of people who've made the grave mistake of underestimating him. 'I think he thought, "This faggy designer's not gonna give me any trouble," ' says Hilfiger. 'So, you know,' he smiles and shrugs. 'Now he knows otherwise.'

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