Bumblefoot on Classic Metal Show

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Bumblefoot on Classic Metal Show

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Bumblefoot on Classic Metal Show
Sunday • April 15, 2007

"The Classic Metal Show" recently conducted an interview with Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. A couple of excerpts follow:

The Classic Metal Show: Obviously, the guy you replaced, Buckethead, had a lot going on with his image. You know, with the mask and the chicken bucket and whatnot. Given that fact, would you ever consider playing a gig wearing, you know, like a spacesuit on stage with Guns N' Roses?

Bumblefoot: You know, there's not much that I wouldn't wear. I remember one time around Passover, I did a gig where I dressed up in all my old Bar Mitzvah stuff, and in between songs was just preaching all this stuff about building pyramids and 3,000 years of retribution; kind of like a militant rabbi. Another time, I did a gig where I wore a big pair of sweats and stuffed 20 sweaters into it all, and looked like I was 400 pounds. There's pretty much nothing that I won't wear. But as you know, I wouldn't want to embarrass (Guns N' Roses) the way I would be willing to embarrass just myself. But yeah, I would wear a space suit. I'd be cool doing that.

The Classic Metal Show: Yeah, or maybe dress like a homeless Omish guy too, right?

Bumblefoot: (laughing) Yeah, I would do that. Actually, I usually dress like that anyway (laughing).

The Classic Metal Show: How has Lemmy from Motörhead influenced your career?

Bumblefoot: Well, first of all, that Lemmy even allowed my mother to give birth to me and push me out, I have to thank him for that. And, actually, just for creating the whole act of child birth. There really wouldn't be that without him. I would say that just the fact that if I have two balls, they were given to me by him! He gives balls, and he can take them away; so don't f*ck with him! So I want to thank Lemmy for my birth and my balls! Lemmy fuckin' rules!

To listen to the entire 23-minute interview, go to this location (Real Player required) or their Myspace page.

Source: The Classic Metal Show, Blabbermouth

Bumblefoot posted the following message on his forum after the interview was aired:

Hey all - just listened to the Classic Metal show tonight, and GOTTA clear somethin' up. No offense to the Classic Metal guys, they were just being entertaining and having fun, but I *neeeeeeeeeeever* said any of that stuff they made up about me having to be on the show "now or never", my "employer" getting pissed, etc. My interview with them was pre-scheduled and pre-recorded on a day off over a week ago, there was no rehearsal to be late to, or anything like that, the scenario was made up by the interviewers and I knew nothing about it, they said all of that stuff live on-the-air before and after playing my pre-recorded interview with them from last week.


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